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The Only Manicure/Pedicure Set You'll Ever Need!

Achieving beautifully manicured nails is simple with the right tools from the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. No longer do you need to buy bulky manicure kits that contain many tools that most people find difficult to use. All you need is a comprehensive, high-quality set of grooming tools.

What's Included:

  • Medium Glass Nail File: Has the perfect size for fingernails and toenails with two different grit dual-sided etched surfaces. Will not shred nails, which is a problem with metal files and emery boards. 3mm thick tempered glass will avoid any breakages.
  • Small Glass Nail File: This compact size is ideal for precise polishing and carrying in a purse. Has two dual-sided etched surfaces. Pointed tip is perfect for cleaning underneath nails.
  • Medium Glass Foot File: Has two different grit dual-sided etched surfaces. Designed for toenails and to file hard skin and calluses around the sole and heel of the foot. Use the rough side to target hard, thick skin followed by the smooth side to soften the skin as a finishing touch. The smooth side is perfect for filing sensitive areas of the foot. Unique design with a knotted string for better holding in hand and handling on a hook after use. Increase filing results by dampening slightly before use.
  • Protective sleeve sheath protects all set: easy to store or bring with you on the go.
  • Soft terry towel: Our gift to you. Can be used for safe storage and cleaning nail files.