So many nail files, how to choose wisely?

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Many people underestimate the power of nails in leaving a good impression on people. One might think of them as a less important feature in our physical appearance. In reality, having a successful social life is largely dependent on whether our nails are in good shape or not. If not so, then how could you explain the numerous salons of pedicure and manicure scattered all over USA? 

Besides ensuring better social interactions, you would be surprised to know about the other reasons as to why nails, in particular, should receive better care. The most trivial things such as picking up some coins or scratching can damage your nails if they are not properly filed.  

Taking care of them is part of making daily life less stressful. Not to mention the fact that nails can reflect your own health status. That is why having them beautifully filed is crucial. 

With that being said, we understand that receiving regular nail treatments can be quite costly and time-consuming. 

Going to beauty salons is not even necessary. You can make the smart choice by taking care of your nails yourself, at home with less money and time to spend and with more benefits to enjoy, benefits those beauty salons often times do not provide. All you have to do is choose the right nail filing tools. 

Shopping for nail files could be tricky, especially that there are so many kinds on the market. Usually, emery board nail files, metal files and glass files are the most common. To choose the kind that best serves your interest, you need to know more about their features.

Here are the details that you need to know before going shopping.


Emery filing Boards:

Emery Boards are probably the most common nail files used. They are the cheapest but not necessarily the best option to go for. They can be pretty damaging if not used properly. The board is covered with emery paper onto which grains of sand are glued. This harsh surface can damage the nail instead of soothing it. That is why; using it can be dangerous especially for beginners. You must file in one direction while keeping light pressure on the nail. Unfortunately, people fail to use it properly and they end up hurting themselves.

They could also cause you serious infections. Dirt is so difficult to remove from the tool which causes fungi and bacteria to spread. Using it more than once can transmit these bacteria to your nails causing you serious health problems. Their one time use in particular by beauty salons causes pollution which makes them not so eco-friendly. All these worn out emery board files thrown away each year could be used as the raw material to build an entire house.


Metal filing boards:

Unlike emery boards, metal files are much more eco-friendly. At least, their production is not dependent on cutting trees. They are also much easier to clean. This does not eliminate the possibility of them becoming a harbor for germs. They still have to be well cleaned after each usage. After several filing treatments, it is recommended that you get rid of them to avoid the invasion of fungi and bacteria.

Though their effect lasts longer, they can be pretty harmful to the nails. Their harsh texture can deteriorate the nails and crack up the edges.


Glass Nail Files:

Glass files are the best quality wise. Therefore, they cost way more than the two nail files previously mentioned.

Some brands come out with crystal nail files that live up to excellent standards of measure more than other brands. The amount of care and effort put into the production process differs from one company to another and determines the cost and the quality of the final goods offered. If you come across a pack of 10-20 glass nail files with a shockingly cheap price, chances are you are dealing with a misleading advertisement. Some stores trick costumers into buying fake glass nail files presented as high-quality tools.  

To make up the abrasive surface, some companies use cheaper ingredients. All they care about is how to spend less but gain more. One of the tricks is using cheap acid or incorporating bits of glass. So instead of smoothing the nail surface, that fake abrasive surface can badly scrape it.

Beware and buy the genuine Czech Glass Nail Files.

The Czech Republic is internationally known for the invention of glass nail files and appreciated for its efficiency in producing high-quality crystal products.

Fabricating the best nail glass files is a complicated process that is based on accurate steps. However, it would be interesting to walk you through the basic steps of the making. First and for most, high-quality glass files have to be durable. That is why the glass has to be firm and the edgy corners have to be rounded to avoid any injuries in case the file breaks. That is achieved through tempering in the oven.

The abrasive surface is made smooth thanks to the intervention of chemicals such as acid. It grinds the nail surface softly and smoothly, unlike the emery and metal files.

Its overall features make it adequate to work with any type of nails. Also, did you know that having the nails grinded through glass files can make your manicure look nicer and last longer?

Choosing the Czech Glass Nail Files is the wisest way of spending your money and time on a professional tool without worrying whatsoever on your health because glass files are very hygienic. They prevent bacteria growth.

By applying UV lighting, disinfecting liquids or simply heat, they can be sanitized perfectly.

Not to mention that crystal files are eco-friendly and recyclable. Of all the kinds of nail files available on the market, they might seem the most pricy but they are definitely the most beneficial and valuable.


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